We thank all our clients for the opportunity to cooperate – a part of the shared journey to mutual prosperity, which we had been creating together in maximum trust, sincerity and openness. We truly appreciate it.




Tatiana Cibulková, Head of HR Services, LIDL
First of all, I would like to thank my employer for the opportunity to be part of such a program and of course thanks to Eva and Miriam for organizing it. Authentic Leadership program was the first program (and I have done a "million" of different trainings) that moved me forward in my professional and private life. Realizing what I am talented at and channelling my strengths there, changed my life (literally). At the same time, working with the awareness of what attitude I want to have – a "victim" or a "leader" – has changed my mindset. Even though I know I still have a long journey ahead of me, it's worth it, this program has shown me the right track. → linkedin
Mária Boledovičová, Education Methodologist, C. S. Lewis Lyceum
I appreciate the breadth of impact of this program – a better understanding and acceptance of myself, a new perspective on colleagues' abilities and talents and a new perception of family members' behaviour, these are some of the benefits which this program has brought me. A group made up of women who have very different personal lives, work experience and positions is very inspiring and helps to see oneself and all situations from different perspectives. The trainers worked very intensively with us and were able to create a safe environment where we could really work with our personal attitudes. I found their help in creating synergies and connecting our worlds to be very beneficial. How much one takes away from this program also depends on how much effort and sincerity one puts into it. I believe I will benefit from this program for a long time to come. → linkedin
Petra Hegerová, Senior Product Manager Digital, VISA
I admit, I was sceptical before I started. I was a little worried when the information about my talent profile came in. This isn't me, this isn't going to work. :) At the very first workshop and the very first activity, I quickly realized how much this group of amazing women already knew about me :) and I readily admitted to myself, wow, there's something to this! With each workshop, things fell into place beautifully. Aha moments abound throughout the program, but I consider the realization of my own worth and building a relationship with myself to be essential. Trying to understand the people around you and building relationships so that they are mutually enriching. Trying to understand the "fish in the water" and the "fish in the tree" has made my life easier! The closer the course came to the end, the more confident and happier person I became. And the less I had to try to prove to others and myself that I was good enough and that I "had to do something." :) The whole program is extremely inspiring and has enriched my private life immensely, in addition to my professional life. The inner peace it has brought to my life is the most beautiful gift, thank you! → linkedin
Zuzana Maronová, Global Mobility Specialist, Senior Tax Manager, PwC
The course was an interesting way for me to get to know the types of people, the combination of their personalities especially in the work environment and how they work in a team. In addition, it was beneficial for me to observe and get to know people in a closer contact and context than we usually meet them in normal work occasions, i.e. to see behind the business person/boss/manager a person in search of her own self, her talents and mission. Thank you for this opportunity. → linkedin
Ivonne Bezakova, GEO Supply Chain Manager, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
The authentic leadership program was an amazing experience, in every session I got tools to make real changes in my life and become happier and more satisfied. I went through a very difficult situation while I was taking the course, the team and the group supported me incredible, it was a journey discovering myself, energizing and focusing on growing as a person and becoming a great and true leader. The whole experience was motivational and inspirational. I would definitely recommend this program to everyone, who is looking for growth in all aspects of their lives and want to learn how to get the best of themselves to serve others.
→ linkedin
Vaska Zaykova, Transformation Manager Raiffeisen Bank International
LeadIN has been our trusted partner since 2018. Their Authentic Leadership program was part of 3 internal learning & development programs (for Agile coaches, Business Analysts and Data Scientists). More than 120 Raiffeisen Group employees (Austria and CEE) went through LeadIN workshops with a focus on successfully leading self and others towards higher performance and achieving the best results. The workshops were tailor-made and adapted to the specific needs of the respective target groups and, most importantly, have showed a visible impact on the improvement of the leadership skills of key employees throughout the whole Raiffeisen group. The feedback received from our participants showed that they valued not only the quality and relevance of the contents but, moreover, the attention and care they received during the workshop. My feedback as organizer and person responsible for the programs is incredibly positive: smoothless and beneficial collaboration before, during and after each workshop, meeting all our requirements. LeadIN has already contributed to our leadership transformation and I am looking forward to future projects together!
Monika Bugárová, WW Services CX Transformation Lead, Lenovo
During my professional life I have quite often faced the situation when I was asked to change my attitude; in my case, not to see some ideas in a negative light and instead of pointing out what will go wrong to provide a better idea or solution. The word “negative” was glued to my name. Honestly, I was trying to change my behaviour and provide stellar ideas, but it took me a lot of energy and I was not really successful. I considered myself as somebody who was not good enough. Right at the beginning of this program I learnt that my talent is to see what can possibly go wrong, and what the possible consequences could be. I finally understood that there is nothing wrong with me, I am just different. This program taught me to be more confident about myself, confident about what I am doing; it taught me to be more balanced. I learnt to face challenging or stressful situations more easily. Everything I learnt I applied even to my personal life and made it brighter.
Miroslava Eltohamy, Service Manager, Regional Card Processing Centre
It’s the best development program I’ve ever absolved. I don’t think that this program has a competitor on the current Slovak market. It’s very useful, deep and caring. Thank you very much for being part of the program – is was an adventurous year’s journey into the depths of my soul and I really think it was successful. Thanks again, girls!
Karol Piling, Partner Account Manager, CISCO Systems Slovakia
I found the Authentic Leadership program just when I needed it the most... Every meeting in life has a meaning and I can confirm this too. I deeply thank my friend, who enthusiastically told me about this program over a glass of wine. After a year, I can say it was the best development program I have ever experienced. It was a combination of expertise and humanity while dealing with issues that everyone can face, and those issues got a direction and were solved. I also greatly appreciated the possibility of individual work, where it was possible to deeper analyse some of the current topics that emerged during the year’s program. I recommend it to everyone who has begun to seek or feel the need to find answers to questions of how to become not only a better leader, but also a better person.
Michal Okál, Head Business Services, Swiss Re
The Authentic Leadership program is not a typical program focused on individual management techniques, but it’s much more a probe into the soul of the leader who is increasingly facing bigger challenges in today’s world. It’s been a great benefit for me to have the opportunity to experience this program and to get to know myself from a different point of view through the people who were part of this journey. This program is an excellent way to start a journey that will be incredibly unique to everyone. Its great benefit is also the opportunity to meet new people, create new relationships and learn about stories that can support you to move forward. I personally got to know my passions better and came closer to understanding my deep purpose in life. I am aware that this journey is still only at the beginning…
Mariia Golubkova, Head of Operations, Oldenburgische Landesbank AG
I would like to express my gratitude to the program leaders who supported me during an amazing journey of self-transformation. The workshops in the program were developed in a way that as a participant, you learn key topics in a best possible consequence which allows you to efficiently deep-dive into each next theme. Intervals between interraction allows not only to ‘digest’ material learnt but also to practice it in real life long enough to become comfortable with NEW you in a good way! I found it very beneficial that the program leaders were also available for one on one session to provide feedback and support if required. Would highly recommend Authentic Leadership program for all who would like to get to a new level of personal development!
Katarina Grznarová, Sales Education Specialist, Mary Kay
The 10–months Authentic Leadership program, for me personally, fulfilled its meaning. Thanks to participating in this program, I realized a lot of things and started to work on them. After a very long time, I created time for myself, the space to get to know myself and understand my needs better, and I entered a long journey toward a more meaningful and free life in accordance with my values. On top of that, I became a part of a wonderful community that is greatly enriching. THANK YOU.


Mariana Kopecká, EMEA Supply Assurance Manager, Lenovo
I see Authentic Leadership program and Advanced as one of the best investments in self-development. Without exaggeration, both programs have helped me understand, grasp, and develop many areas of my life – both professional and personal. They have helped me to anchor my values, goals as well as my life mission and to actively recognize and create authentic pathways and ways to achieve and develop them. The LeadINcenter team has helped me understand the importance of authenticity in the journey of self-development, which is why I love coming back to them through their various products. → linkedin
Lucia Nagy, EMEA Services Ops Sr. Manager, Lenovo
Thanks to the Authentic Leadership Advanced program, I better understand who I am, I accept myself more easily. I am more confident and tolerant. I better understand the behaviour of others. I am more open, more ready to give but also to receive. After 2 completed programs, I am a happier, calmer and more satisfied person. Thanks to all this, I dare to say that the program helps to make the world a better and more beautiful place. Thank you to the entire LeadINcenter team for their very professional and sensitive guidance on this journey of self-discovery. It is not easy, but it is worth it! → linkedin
Monika Kudročová, Service delivery manager for SAP and P4S team, DXC Technology
It's a pity that it's over. Every month I looked forward to and internally prepared for each part of the Advanced Authentic Leadership program, and full of anticipation, I was happy to open the doors of the LeadINcenter. The community that was created there was immensely enriching and empowering for me. From one month to the next, I found myself and my surroundings changing. I was gaining new strength and energy for my work and for my time at home. I was finding myself in the little things and slowly moving forward. I learned to name my fear and overcome it, even though it is still there and will always be there. I gained strength in my decision-making and learned that I too am a special and strong woman and I can do much more than I think. And I also know that I don't have to do anything anymore 😉. Thanks to the professional approach I was learning new things or reinforcing what I already knew. The sharing and practical exercises in the community were important, they were so powerful and emotional that they will stay in my memory forever. I would recommend that unforgettable experience of the whole concept to anyone who is willing to move on and love themselves. Thank you LeadINcenter. And thank you to DXC Technology for allowing me to be a part of both Authentic Leadership program Atairu and Advanced. → linkedin
Emília Tomljenović, Owner of an artisan bakery, KRUH
This program brought me on the path of awareness, where I learnt that only in honest self-knowledge and acting in accordance with myself can I create values for myself and my environment.
Petra Malešová, Customer Order Resolution Manager, Lenovo
The Authentic Leadership Advanced program meant for me to finally experience a program that not only contributed to my professional life, but it also influenced my personal one – especially my perspective of myself. In typical trainings you listen to a lot of interesting theory, but this program is about sharing experiences, knowing your true self, while being in a good atmosphere. All workshops were tailored for participants and adjusted throughout the year, so every time I had the feeling that it was made specifically for me. This program offers a completely different concept, a fantastic approach, an excellent team and topics that touched me. A new perspective on education and learning is the main reason why I’d participate in this program again and again. For example, thanks to this program I discovered my creativity and started to create, which I never knew I was able to. I recommend every woman and man to learn more about themselves and others, and experience this path of self-discovery. Thank you very much!
Zuzana Mojšová, Senior Human Resources Business Partner, Lenovo
LVL II Leadership Program mi pomohol zvýšiť dôveru v samu seba. Otázky typu “Som dosť dobrá?”, “Mám na túto pozíciu dostatok skúsenosti?”, “Môžem si dovoliť odmietnuť ponuku?” ma už neobťažujú tak, ako kedysi, a keď sa aj vynoria (lebo tomu sa človek nikdy úplne nevyhne), viem, ako sa s nimi vysporiadať. Cítim, že nepotrebujem nikomu nič dokazovať, dokonca ani samej sebe, lebo som objavila svoju vnútornú kotvu a silu. Samozrejme, ide o dlhodobý proces a nepovažujem ho za úplne ukončený, ale pomocou nástrojov, ktoré mi tento program ponúkol a s pomocou networku, ktorý sme si s ostatnými účastníčkami programu za tie 2 roky vytvorili, viem, že sa „nestratím“ a viem, kde môžem hľadať podporu a pomoc, keď ju budem potrebovať
Lenka Rusnáková, Chief People Officer, IPM Group
Program leaders are excellent at transforming and pushing boundaries in people's lives. They are sincere and committed to what they do. I gave them my trust and an open mind, they gave me hope and helped me to get back on track. They opened my eyes and now I can see around the corner a bit more. Thanks for that to both of you! At the beginning, there were many questions to different topics to be answered. Leadership. The word which means a lot to me. Is it a kind of magic or is there any way of conscious leading? That question kept me uncertain. Growth. Another word which is the substance of my life. I know I cannot grow without learning. Certainly not, and that was something which made me nervous. Did I know what else to learn without repeating the same trainings? Passion. Do I know what it is or I just follow the pattern of ad hoc success? Do I follow my dreams? Do I fulfil my goals? Confidence. Am I perfect enough to compete with the best to find the right ‘place’? Well, it's scary for me to fail. Unimaginable. How to be the best without failing? Is it possible? Can I not fail? Certainly I was too afraid to find out. Respect. Do I really adore others without judging and by accepting their values? Can I understand them? Then I got myself the ALERT call: Time for THE change. Find it out Lenka! When decided, I was very lucky to get to know Eva, who engaged me with an authentic, straightforward, challenging and transforming program which helped me to change my life. Yet, the question is how? By learning and trying the techniques, methods and advice. One would expect it’s easy, or ask why do I have to take a leadership course to change myself? Well, because it’s definitely NOT easy and we need experienced leaders and coaches who could teach us to understand that there is no progress without failing and trying again and again. That it is absolutely OK not to be perfect, and that others may be better in a certain way, and that is natural. We all are talented. Important is to understand this and find the way where our talents and passions are.. and use them to our best. Not to treat ourselves as imperfect if we fail in the areas where we are lacking in talent. Why punish ourselves for being different? I realized that I could not proceed without understanding THE goals. What I mean is MY goals. And I am not talking only about work. I remember, as for my life, I never put down on the paper what I would do the following year. However, last year I did it. I put six goals for myself. And I did finish five of them with the sixth on its way in the upcoming year. Would I do the same without having a list and commitment to that list, aka myself? I do not think so. Do I feel satisfied? Hm, wouldn’t you? And to admit, my new year list is already written.


Ing. Silvia Gavorníková, Head of International Affairs, OECD
While the Slovak Republic was preparing for its historically first EU presidency, which resulted in my personal preparation for the dignified covering of the position of President of the EU Council of Working department, I felt that besides my professional qualifications that I’ve gained over many years of my service, I also needed other skills and that’s why I reached out to Eva Štefanková. It was incredible to see how after only five sessions my interpersonal relationships had improved at work, which also impacted my other relationships in life, and completely changed my approach to both work and life. I can say that my meetings with Eva have greatly increased the quality of both my professional and personal life.
Daniel Kollár, Managing Director , ČSOB Group Slovakia
Authentic leadership of a change-leader is inevitable for achieving great transformational changes. It is a prerequisite of success. However, it’s only possible when it’s based on knowledge of one's own inner and very personal purpose, of why I work for a particular company and what I really want to achieve by making certain changes and what they mean to me. Thanks to cooperation with Eva Štefanková, I was able to identify my inner purpose.
Sergiu Nosaci, Managing Director, Gedeon Richter Bulgaria
I consider learning a lifelong process, so I gladly took the opportunity for personal coaching. What I’ve realized is that the benefits and value I gained exceeded my expectations. I sincerely can say that Eva has been for me an extremely valuable coach and inspiring mentor who has made a great contribution to my personal effectiveness and progress. Her integrity, commitment and genuine care helped me to understand myself better; she made me rearrange and clearly define my own values; she supported me in mastering my authenticity and meaningfulness. This definitely enforced and prepared me for the new leadership role and taught me to adopt the best approaches for my practice. A unique atmosphere of trust, safety and honesty encouraged me to explore the deeper levels of myself, revealing and recognizing the real origin of pending issues. Her wise and challenging questions disclose really important and meaningful things, at the same time guided by her reflections they created effective solution patterns which I am using now in every appropriate situation. I express my gratitude to Eva for her professionalism, attitude and great interest in the success of her clients!



Veronika Vojčíková
The Journey to Self program is truly unique! Meeting your "self", but in an inspiring group of women, led by amazing and knowledgeable trainers, through interactively prepared engaging topics is a time of personal growth and relaxation at the same time. This program started an ongoing process of inner transformation in me on a mental, relational and professional level. Journey to Self has helped me to better know my desires, talents, and spark an interest in my own person and spirit. Many ideas have become deeply rooted in me. It is a great break from the "autopilot" on which we operate in our normal days full of responsibilities. And while I hadn't felt completely lost before, this program certainly helped me to find myself more fully :) → linkedin


Participants from age 13 to 19 answered the question „What did the participation in the program give you?“

M. M., student
• Self-knowledge
• Understanding others better
• Ability to overcome myself
M. P., student
• The way and knowledge of how to think about situations logically and to come up with solutions
• Self-knowledge and self-confidence
• New words for supporting and helping others
V. Z., student
• Removing toxicity from my life
• Trust in myself and others
• Self-confidence
• Better quality of life
M. M., student
• Moving my mind higher
• Self-confidence
• Knowledge about the functioning of my mind
• Self-love
J. R., student
• Understanding myself better
• This moment is the best time, not yesterday, not tomorrow
• I am the one to set the rules for myself
• Context is important
• To always look at things objectively and from other angles

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