Interview with Barbora Augustínová, Program Leader at LeadINcenter

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28. September 2022
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How long have you been cooperating with LeadINcenter?

I have been cooperating with LeadINcenter since last January and I can say that we have managed to do a lot in that time.😊 Among other things, we launched a new format of the Authentic Leadership Program - Young Professionals, which is intended for high-potential employees, top talents, new young managers and team leaders whom the company wishes to put on the path of conscious and sustainable building of success. We also finished and launched BodyMindBalance Program, an interactive experiential format aimed at gaining greater life balance and emotional stability.

What inspired you to join their team?

I had first-hand experience with Evka Štefanková and the Atairu Authentic Leadership concept back in 2016, still as a member of the Microsoft team, and I remember quite clearly that I found it extremely interesting even then. However, since I was more than satisfied with my position at that time, I gradually took it off my mind. Coincidentally (or maybe not so much 😊), 4 years later when I was figuring out what parts of my life no longer worked for me and needed an upgrade, I received an offer to participate in the Authentic Leadership Program.

After completing it, I progressed to the year long Advanced Program. At the same time, I got certified in the field of mindfulness, psychology of happiness, and coaching, and I discovered that connecting techniques and knowledge from these areas and applying them to everyday life is my passion. At this point, it was quite clear to me that my mission was to guide others in discovering their own authenticity. So, when Evka proposed the possibility of cooperation, it was a no-brainer.

What motivates you in this work?

I'll just pick a few things, but in reality, there are many more. Belief in human potential and personal strength, which I can observe directly in action. The opportunity to witness breakthroughs, our vulnerability, challenging the status quo, the demise of something old, dysfunctional and the creation of something new. People are my biggest source of inspiration and as part of this work I also get the chance to look at what I need to let go or where I need to initiate change honestly and without embellishments.

BodyMindBalance – what does this project mean to you?

It's really close to my heart 😊 I apply many of the techniques used in this project myself on a regular basis. It often happens that our intellect doesn't let us go to certain places in the process of change, then it's good to engage in simple techniques at the body/breath level that can unblock the process, speed it up, or give us solid ground under our feet. For example, I am a supporter of the whole-body shake, a re-popularized technique which, in fact, has been known for ages. It can be used to release accumulated tension and, in some cases, also to work with trauma. At the same time, I am grateful that we were able to integrate unique professional techniques into the project and thus convey a truly unique experience.

What are some of your favourite activities? How do you like to spend your free time?

I love swimming and diving without snorkel or goggles, just for fun. I like going to nature with my family, but I also love the hustle and bustle of big gatherings with friends. More and more I enjoy having a "me time" reading, meditating, or just relaxing without the need to "act".

Is there something that even your colleagues don't know about you and that you can share with us 😊?

That´s hard, I talk a lot 😊. I used to be an amateur ballet dancer. But that was many years ago.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement so far?

The ability to feel the moments of ease, balance, and satisfaction more often. Of course, they alternate with other periods, but being able to stop and appreciate that I feel "good" at that moment is an amazing feeling.

And what, on the other hand, do you see as your failure?

In hindsight, I don't see many things as failures. Some ended up being valuable lessons, some turned out to be victories, and some weren't as serious as they first appeared. Although in the given situation, with a hot head, I certainly would not have hesitated and labelled some of them as a "fatal error".😊