Zuzana graduated in biology from the Faculty of Natural Sciences with a specialisation in plant physiology.

After graduation, she worked at her home college and later in the state administration. She had a long career in administration, interacting and communicating with people on a daily basis. Zuzana has also worked in the private sector, specifically in a trading company. Her passions include psychosomatics, acupuncture, and traditional Chinese medicine, which she also decided to study. Its integrity, scope, and multifacetedness continue to fascinate her to this day. While working, she graduated from the 1st School of Natural Medicine (1. Škola prírodnej medicíny) in Trnava and went on to study herb phytotherapy and traditional Chinese medicine blends. A holistic approach to people, personal growth, and development are the topics that drew her to the LeadINcenter team, where she holds the position of Central Coordinator since January 2023. In addition to programme support, she is responsible for office and team coordination.



Looks after our clients.

Oversees the coordination of programs, office, and team.

Her passions are psychosomatics, acupuncture, and traditional Chinese medicine.

Graduated in biology and the 1st School of Natural Medicine