Miriam studied strategic management and management of information systems at the Faculty of Management of Comenius University in Bratislava.

During her professional career, she worked in different positions, including managerial roles in various corporations, the civil service, and the third sector. The Authentic Leadership program helped her realize how much energy and time she’d spent working in positions that were out of her flow and negatively impacted her health and private life. Therefore in 2018, after nearly 8 years of working in various positions in international IT companies, she decided to change her life and took various courses. She took the autohypnosis course and completed her first 7 days’ stay in the dark at BRC Čeladná. For the first time in her life, she also decided to travel by herself, which led to exploring New Zealand and finding herself. All these activities and her great experience with personal transformation naturally led to the beginning of cooperation with LeadINcenter in July 2019, when Miriam became a Program Leader.



She is a Program Leader in LeadINcenter team.

She held various job positions, including managerial roles in corporations, the civil service, and the third sector.

She has completed the Authentic Leadership program and the Level II Leadership program, as well as an auto–hypnosis course.

She has gone through a 7-day-long dark therapy stay at BRC Čeladná.

Her next travel plan is to go to Nepal.