Júlia graduated from Trnava University in Trnava with a degree in psychology, and, in parallel with completing a post-graduate 4-year specialised study in the field of clinical psychology at the Slovak Medical University in Bratislava. She underwent a 4-year long-term course in cognitive behavioural psychotherapy, a hypnosis course, and autogenic training. For almost 10 years she worked in a private clinical psychology clinic specialising in psychotherapy as a founder, employer, and employee at the same time.

Ever since she was a child, Júlia has been interested in the issues of universal truth and justice in the human world, the search for its meaning, the questions on the functioning of human thinking, behaviour and its motivation, the roles of the brain and the mind. This inspired her to study psychology. During the course of her professional life, she got to know many diverse life stories, which were often filled with suffering of various kinds – from somatic disorders, emotional suffering and trauma, to pathological mental states. It motivated her to further explore the fundamental topics and answers to the following questions: "Who are we as human beings?", "What is our life purpose?", "How to achieve lasting freedom and happiness?". In addition to professional knowledge gained during her many years of practice, Júlia also applies her knowledge of neuroscience, quantum physics, Eastern philosophies – especially Buddhism, but also the Christian tradition – in her work. She has integrated meditation techniques into her daily life, which help her maintain her own balance, as well as understand the functioning of the human mind. Since August 2020, Júlia has been an external member of the LeadINcenter and she has been providing our clients with individual psychological counselling and psychotherapy.