Hanka graduated from two universities, specifically in the fields of tourism management, hospitality, and services, and last year she completed her studies in Innovation and Entrepreneurship with focus on sustainability in business development.

She is finishing the master’s degree in sustainable leadership this year. Alongside her studies she has traveled across Europe and got a chance to partake in a Denmark-based start-up as a business developer. Hanka’s journey in finding herself started in 2016 when she went to study and to work in Denmark as a young high school graduate. Living abroad opened her eyes in many ways – through meeting new people, cultures, and their approach to life. After returning to Slovakia, she became the member of LeadINcenter team, what brings her the opportunity to develop herself, and to coordinate projects with the meaning and values, Hanka shares. Her passions include sustainability (especially in the field of business and the environment), art, activism (ecology, human rights, and justice...) and continuous self-education (currently in the field of graphic design).



Studying Leadership for Sustainability

Enjoys travelling and learning about new cultures

Finding fulfillment in staying creative through a variety of media

She is responsible for coordination of programs