Nika has been a member of the LeadIN team since November 2018. Nika studied psychology at the Faculty of Arts of Comenius University in Bratislava.

During her studies at university, she had the opportunity to test the methods of deep, humanistic and cognitive counselling on herself in practice, when she completed more than 2 years of a transformational self-knowledge journey with various professionals in the field of psychotherapy and counselling. In 2018 – 2019, she participated in the overall concept of the Authentic Leadership programs 1 – 2 under the supervision of the co–author of the concept, Eva Štefanková. Nika is a supporter of the opinion that the best counsellor, therapist and coach should start with oneself: get to know oneself, one's patterns of behaviour and relationships as well as talent, strengths, fears and overall personality, so that one can accompany others on the journey to self-knowledge and contribute to increasing their quality of life and using their full potential. During her studies, she worked with young people with diverse social backgrounds, as well as disabilities within the project Poverty and Employment with the civic association TENENET. With this project, she gained her first experience with managing group – sessions and consultations with clients. She enjoys analysing body language, discovering the unconsciousness, but also early and current relationship patterns. Her greatest motivation is to transfer psychological knowledge to people who need it in their lives. She joined the LeadIN team since she was fascinated by its unique way of supporting clients in their transformation and its deep work on their development. Her greatest joy and satisfactions are clients moving forward, fully discovering their potential, and starting to make conscious decisions in their lives, by which they contribute to a better world around us.