Erika held various managerial positions during her professional career. For the last five years she worked as the HR Director in a multinational IT company. She was one of the first representatives in Slovakia who changed from business to HR management.

Erika's passion is people - their deep and innovative development. During her career she brought to the company several new educational programs and innovative approaches in the field of people-development, such as the Inner Balance program and Atairu Authentic Leadership. The philosophy of systematic development has always been very close to Erika. Therefore, the decision to join LeadIN and become a part of the core-team was a natural way to follow her purpose and integrate her passion with her work-life. Since October 2016, Erika has been the Senior Program Leader at LeadIN-team.



Senior Program Leader in Authentic Leadership programs.

Leads the Mindfulness program and lives according to Mindfulness principles.

During her 25–year-long career, she has worked in various managerial positions in international organizations.

Devoted to systematic development and personal transformation.

She is an animal lover, has two cats and a horse.